Industrial Applications... from Concept to Completion

Industrial Applications...
from Concept to Completion

Are you Experiencing Web Handling Problems such as Roll Cinching/Shifting and Film/Paper Blocking?

Download this this paper! Rolls of films and paper are routinely stored under varying conditions before bind unwound into downstream operations.  During storage, interlayer pressures can change relative to the pressures generated during winding.  These changes can lead to film/paper blocking and roll shifting/cinching. In this paper we study this storage effect:


  • A nonlinear wound roll stress model including air entrainment is first developed and applied to predict the in-roll stresses during film/paper winding. 
  • A thermal stress model is used to study the temperature effect of wound roll stresses.
  • A method is developed to measure key model inputs.
  • Results of a parametric study show that among the processing conditions, storage temperature and thermal expansion coefficients of the core and the film/paper are key factors that affect in-roll stresses during storage.