Industrial Applications... from Concept to Completion

Industrial Applications...
from Concept to Completion

Nip Roller Non Rubber Covered Determining your Web Feed Rate!

Do you know your web feed rate? We can help you determine it. In this paper, a measurement method is described and demonstrated for accurately measuring nip roller feed rates.

  • Data is presented for asymmetrical nip systems consisting of a rubber-covered nip roller loaded against a metal roller
  • Results are shown for a conventional nip roller covering and a second nip roller covering engineered with the ability to control nip roller feed rate while retaining desirable nip pressure characteristics
  • Results from a troughing and wrinkling study using two pairs of end-loaded symmetric nip rollers of each design are also presented
  • Results are used to compare and contrast the performance of nip rollers systems where differences in nip roller feed rate significantly alters system behavior