Industrial Applications... from Concept to Completion

Industrial Applications...
from Concept to Completion

Is Side Air Leakage Affecting the Accuracy of the Air Entrainment Model?

Download this paper! In web winding processes, a thin layer of air is entrianed into rolls.  This air reduces the interlayer pressure in the wound roll because the air acts like a sponge between adjacent web layers.  Models have limited predictive success in narrow-web winding, especially when a pressure roller is not used. During winding and after a roll is wound the air in the roll leaks out of the sidewalls through narrow gaps between the layers.  In this paper:


  • A new winding model is developed that includes the effects of air entrained during winding and the subsequent air leakage trhough the sidewalls during and after winding.
  • Some results of this model are presented, together with cmparisons to experimental results and predictions from other historical models.